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Motion X-Ray

An advanced diagnostic technique used for identifying and assessing ligament injuries and instabilities.







Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) utilizes advanced diagnostic technology to detect and identify previously unseen ligament injuries. Our advanced diagnostic techniques capture precise images of ligament damage that may have been missed due to limited visibility during weight-bearing movements.

DMX stands out as the premier diagnostic test with unparalleled capabilities for detecting sub-failure ligament injuries. Unlike any other diagnostic method, DMX possesses the unique ability to identify and assess ligament damage that is not evident under normal testing circumstances.

Motionless MRIs, despite their many benefits, often lack the necessary resolution power to accurately detect stretching or elongation of cervical ligaments, leading to potential inaccuracies in diagnosis. While MRIs excel at identifying complete ligament failures, typically observed in knees and shoulders, they may fall short in detecting sub-failure ligament injuries. Such injuries are frequently observed in the cervical spine, wrists, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint).  Don’t compromise on your diagnosis—opt for DMX to ensure a more precise evaluation and appropriate treatment plan.

Digital Motion X-Ray
Digital Motion X-Ray

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Digital Motion X-Ray

    Digital Motion X-Ray

    PATIENT Reviews

    "I am writing this review because of the help and appreciation I have for this team of Doctors. The office manager and Chiropractor referred me to an attorney and helped me with all of the paperwork. They always worked with my schedule. At first I did not have a car due to accident and they even provided transportation. Thank you Dr Portal , Dr Brooks & Tanya."

    Jen Prenderville

    "I did not recognize the office. What great changes. Renovated and now very state of the art. I now receive a lot more services on each visit then ever before. Nice clean place and pleasant friendly people. Dr. Jose, Dr. Drew, and Jason are very up to date and organized. Most of all they were awesome and compassionate towards my mom."

    Len Sorrentino

    "Very profession , clean, and caring staff! This is a very updated office I have benefited a great deal and have much improved now. I had been a patient here for a few years. I am very happy for the new team with all the updated changes. I highly recommend these Doctors it for anyone with lower back, shoulder, knee, or any body pain."

    Mike Thompson


    When it comes to imaging
    the body, there is a clear distinction between static images and live motion visualization.

    To learn more about the different imaging applications of DMX please click on the links below and immerse yourself in the power of DMX.

    Digital Motion X-Ray


    Biomechanics of Whiplash Injury

    We are firm believers in the integration of biomechanics principles into medical imaging for a comprehensive understanding of whiplash injuries. We envision a future where medical imaging aligns with the dynamic nature of the human body as an active entity.

    Digital Motion X-Ray



    A critical field that addresses the concerns of millions of Americans suffering from back and neck injuries, as well as chronic back pain. These conditions can significantly impact one’s quality of life and hinder daily activities. We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to alleviate pain and restore optimal spinal health.

    Digital Motion X-Ray


    Pain Management

    In the realm of pain management, X-rays play a crucial role in detecting changes in joint structure and identifying signs of instability. These changes can often be indicative of ligament failure, a common cause of pain and discomfort. Our experienced team utilizes advanced X-ray technology to accurately diagnose and evaluate joint conditions.

    Digital Motion X-Ray



    Scoliosis is a prevalent spinal disorder that affects a significant number of individuals, with statistics indicating that one out of four people experience this condition. Among school-age children, scoliosis stands as the most common spinal disorder. We specialize in providing comprehensive care and innovative treatments for scoliosis patients.

    Digital Motion X-Ray



    In pediatric practice, Digital Motion X-ray emerges as the ultimate solution, as it allows patients to move freely during the x-ray process. Unlike traditional methods, Digital Motion X-ray captures dynamic movements, providing comprehensive insights into pediatric conditions. We harness the power of Digital Motion X-ray technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans for children.

    Digital Motion X-Ray



    The human foot is a remarkable blend of mechanical complexity and structural strength. Serving as the foundation, shock absorber, and propulsion engine, the ankle plays a crucial role in overall foot health.  We specialize in providing comprehensive care for foot and ankle conditions.

    Digital Motion X-Ray



    We leverage the cutting-edge technology of Digital Motion X-ray to evaluate the precise position and vertical displacement within the socket of prosthetic devices. Renowned institutions like Walter Reed Army Medical Center and San Antonio Military Medical Centers rely on this advanced imaging technique to ensure optimal fit and functionality for individuals with prosthetics. 



    Discover the power of Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) by exploring the websites of some of the country’s leading attorneys. These esteemed legal professionals rely on DMX to gather crucial evidence and strengthen their cases. With DMX’s unparalleled ability to capture live motion images, attorneys can present a clear and compelling visual representation of injuries, such as ligament damage, to judges and juries.

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